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Tales of Anaphylaxis — Part 1

So, I’ve had some pretty severe food allergies ever since I was a baby. Peanuts was the big one. When I was about one years old, someone gave me a lick of peanut butter and I ended up at the hospital with an anaphylactic reaction. My mother remembers holding me over the sink with mucus literally dripping out of my face.  We found out I was allergic to all other nuts as well, although not as severe. I also had some other fun allergies which I’ve since grown out of, like egg whites and legumes.

The next reaction I had was when I was about three years old when my family and I were staying at a friend’s home before an overseas flight. This one came when the family friend gave me a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Although we ended up at the hospital that night, we were still able to make the flight the next day.

The third reaction I had was when I was about six years old. This was my first day at a new public school. (Remember, this was well over twenty years ago when schools had much less food allergy awareness and regulation!) My family and I had just moved to a new city about a month into the school year. The moving truck was still unloading boxes and I ended up eating a school lunch at the cafeteria that had a peanut butter cookie in it. Good thing the school nurse knew what to do.

After this series of episodes, I had quite a long break, until my junior year of college, without any serious attacks.  Vigilance and luck prevailed! Stay tuned for more….

2 Responses to “Tales of Anaphylaxis — Part 1”

  1. NoPeanuts

    Welcome to the blogosphere =)

    We have a daughter with anaphylaxis to peanut. We found out in December in much the same fashion your parents discovered your allergy when you were one. After finding out I started a blog to chronicle our journey as parents of an allergic child.

    I have been interested of late in the chronology of when people have allergic reactions throughout their lives.

    What happened when you were in college? Was is cross-contamination or a hidden peanut?


    It Takes A Village …

  2. allergyhaven

    Most of my reactions have been hidden peanut, including the ones in college, although in one instance I reacted to some cross-contamination with a dessert while traveling in Turkey. In the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting more detailed accounts of my other experiences.


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