empowering people with life threatening food allergies

Swanky Moms product review

Thanks to Swanky Moms for the great product review of Allergy Haven’s products! Scroll to the bottom of the page. Check them out! — Neelu


Also, see below:

If you have a child that suffers from allergies, particularly food allergies, you know how touch and go their health can be. As a parent you do all you can to protect your child from potential danger but there still lurks a sense of anxiety that your child may accidentally eat something that could cause him to have a bad reaction. If your child suffers from potentially life-threatening food allergies, you need to visit Allergy Haven.com where you will be empowered, educated and supported.

This one-of-a-kind site offers parents the tools they need to protect their children in and out of the home. Not only does the site offer up-to-date information on food allergies, they offer tips for safe living, guidelines for grocery shopping and many more resources to help families cope with the stresses of food allergies.

In addition to a ton of great information, Allergy Haven offers allergy-related products to educate, protect and inspire. Among the offerings you will find Epi-Pen Skate Packs for your child to wear and safely store an epi-pen or two (these are currently on sale!), pantry labels that empower children to make safe snack choices, and really fun “I’m not nutty” apparel.

Visit Allergy Haven to learn more about how you can find the balance between keeping your child safe without over-restricting their experiences.

Reviewed by SwankymommyTammy

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