empowering people with life threatening food allergies

Current Allergy Related News

Research provides hope for preventing food allergies in babies, Sacramento Bee
Approximately 5 percent of children under 5 years old have a documented food allergy. And ask any parent or individual who either has a food allergy or cares for a child with one – it often is a scary and challenging road when navigating mealtimes, the …


Can a Radical New Treatment Save Children With Severe Food Allergies?, New York Times
Tessa was so severely allergic to milk, wheat, eggs, nuts, shellfish and assorted other foods that as a toddler she went into anaphylactic shock when milk fell on her skin. Kim never left her with a baby sitter. She slept with her each night. And when …


Food Allergy Prevention Recommendation, abc40
(WGGB) — New recommendations are out for parents on how to potentially prevent their young child from developing certain food allergies. Having a young child with a food allergy can be challenging and scary. “It’s just careful planning, keeping things …


New Food Allergy Guidelines Explained, MyFox Philadelphia
According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal online, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) has released some new guideline on when and how to introduce the primary group of foods that cause allergies. Milk, soy, fish …


Getting up to scratch on food allergies, StarPhoenix
The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association hopes its new food-allergy guide, available in English and French, can be of benefit to members in helping their staff better understand food allergies and what can be done to avoid allergy-related …


Vitamin D, the gut and food allergies, ABC Online
In new research, a team led by Professor Katie Allen, paediatric gastroenterologist, allergist and researcher with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI), found children deficient in vitamin D are three times more likely to have a food allergy …


Race appears to have limited effect on food allergy rates, Healio
Although some data have suggested an increased risk of food sensitization, self-reported allergy or clinic-based diagnosis of food allergy among black children, no definitive racial/ethnic disparity could be demonstrated among currently available studies.


Tool could rapidly detect food allergies from a drop of blood, The Engineer
The new instrument — expected to perform an analysis on a single drop of blood in 15 minutes — is likely to benefit the 15 million people in Europe who suffer from food allergies, a condition that can reduce quality of life and sometimes lead to death.


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