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Undeclared allergens top US food recalls in Q2


Undeclared allergens continued to be a top trend for US agencies dealing with food recalls, according to the ExpertRECALL Index.

Severe food allergies forcing nut-free classrooms


You can reduce you and your family’s chances of illness and injury by following these healthful steps. While you are at it, you can keep a handle on your budget 


Miss Manners: Guests’ food allergies can’t always be favored

Washington Post

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My brother’s girlfriend self-diagnoses food allergies and intolerances based on things she reads on the Internet. They change 


Keeping allergy pen at child’s school can be life saver


They’re like many families whose children have severe peanut allergies, food allergies or allergies to insect stings who keep rescue medicines with them.

Travel puts those with severe allergies on high alert

Travel Daily News International

Road Reaction: The risk that comes with eating outside the home for those with food allergies is very real. Seventy-six percent of those adults with a food allergy 

Biosensor app could aid iPhone users with peanut allergies

News & Observer

Researchers have found a way to turn a smartphone camera into a biosensor that could, among other things, analyze food for the detection of allergens.

Take-aways linked to asthma and eczema

Trinidad & Tobago Express

Other contributing food allergies can be looked at if the individual is consuming the adequate amount of fruits and vegetables as well. Food products such as 


Is It Really Gluten Free?

New York Times

Representative Nita Lowey of New York, who has been working on foodallergy issues in Congress since 1999, calls the standard “a great victory” for millions of 



Peanut allergies remain a serious health threat


Food allergies generally appear early in life. Children, in fact, are most vulnerable to peanut allergies. Sometimes they outgrow them but usually they don’t.


Know Your Food Allergy Rights: U.S. Schools

Allergic Living

Keeping a foodallergic child safe and included in all school activities requires

considerable planning. But fortunately, you do not have to go it alone…


Peanut allergies cause lifetime of worry

LaSalle News Tribune

Unlike other food allergies, peanut allergies often are lifelong. And they demand respect: Peanuts cause more fatal anaphylactic reactions every year than any 

Allergies now a major classroom concern


Common food allergies include peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish. It’s important, Jones said, to make sure children with food allergies 








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