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Solution to Prevent Nut Allergy Problem

Authint Mail – Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room, according to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education).



Mom Pushing for New State Law: PB&Js can Kill my Daughter

KATU – PORTLAND, Ore. — Every school in the state would better accommodate children with food allergies, if some Oregon moms get their way. They’re 



Rotation Diet 101 for Food Allergies and Intolerances

BlogHer (blog) – Allergists sometimes advise individuals with multiple food allergies to use a rotation diet to help manage their food allergies. There are many variants 



Parents in Action:  Battling Allergies

ABC Action News – There is no real cure for allergies, but it is possible to relieve symptoms. They’re not used for food allergies, and someone with food allergies must 



What is a Food Allergy (FA)?

Michigan State University Extension – Food allergies have become more common in the past decade. Only a small amount of foods are the cause of 90 percent of allergic food reactions.



Researchers develop 3 Hypallergenic Variants of PRU P 3 Protein

News-Medical.net – Nowadays, allergy affects over 25% of the population of developed countries. Currently, the treatment of food allergy consists of avoiding the intake of 



Flu Shot:  New Options, Guidelines for those with Egg Allergy

WTOP – “The main reason is that many children who have a food allergy may also have asthma,” he says. “And it is not recommended that any child with 



Peanuts a Common Food Allergen

Daytona Beach News Journal- Most cases of food allergies occur when someone with a genetic predisposition produces specific antibodies to a certain protein of a particular food.




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