empowering people with life threatening food allergies


We decided to start this blog to give other families and individuals with life threatening food allergies insight into some of our daily living experiences. We hope to engender community, encouraging others to add to these posts with their own valuable stories. With information and awareness, we can dissolve the fear that surrounds potentially fatal allergens. Please check back regularly for new stories, information, and fun and funky products. Please also visit our main site at www.allergyhaven.com. Be well! –Neelu Jain and Kathy McCarthy

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  1. Julie

    Dear Webmaster,

    Please be informed of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network’s (FAAN) upcoming event. We wish you talk about it on your website.

    Best regards,

    Stevens fkm Agency
    on behalf of The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network

    Hundreds of Houston-Area Residents to Take Strides for Food Allergy Research SEPTEMBER 8

    The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network’s (FAAN) Walk for Food Allergy: Moving Toward A Cure is taking place this year in Houston and 18 other U.S. cities to raise money for food allergy research and education. Last year, 845 Houstonians raised more than $125,000 contributing to the $1.7 million raised nationally. This year’s Walk for Food Allergy in Houston is endorsed by Governor Rick Perry’s Advisory Council on Physical Fitness and Mayor Bill White’s Wellness Council. Participation in the family-friendly, 2.5-mile event is free.

    Saturday, Sept. 8, 2007
    Sam Houston Park in downtown Houston
    Registration at 9 a.m.; Walk begins at 10 a.m.

    More than 800 Houston-area residents are expected to walk with company teams, organizations, families and individually. Also attending will be KPRC news anchor Dominique Sachse, the Houston event’s Honorary Chair, who will be available to local media. Joining everyone in spirit will be the National Honorary Chair, country music star Trace Adkins.

    For more information and to register for the family-friendly 2.5-mile Walk, visit http://www.foodallergywalk.org/Houston.

    Launched in 2004 by FAAN, Walk for Food Allergy: Moving Toward A Cure raises funds for research, advocacy, awareness and education programs to benefit the 12 million Americans affected by food allergy, a potentially fatal condition that is rapidly increasing in prevalence. The incidence of food allergy in the U.S. has doubled over the last 10 years, and scientists don’t know why. One American in 25 has food allergy, and the figure is even higher in young children: one in 17 among those under age three. There is no know cure; strict avoidance of the food allergen is the only way to prevent a reaction, and even trace amounts can cause one. FAAN (www.foodallergy.org) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of food allergy and its consequences, to education people about the condition, to advocating on behalf of those affected by it, and to advancing research into its causes, prevalence, cure and prevention.

  2. 1allergymom

    Neelu – thank you for sharing your story on “what anaphylaxis feels like” I have a 20 month old daughter who is severly allergic to many things and has had two exposures already that required Epipen, the later being true anaphylaxis. She obviously too young to understand what is happening, but the look on her face when she was losing air made her age irrelevent. This experience gave me inspiration to kick start a newly started personal blog too – http://www.allergyfreeinloudoun.blogspot.com
    Your information about how it took you weeks to fully recover is amazing. She was certainly tired the rest of the day and night, but I didn’t think much about the physical effects in the following days. 😦 Many thanks again!


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